Aug 162011

Summer break is over. Almost. I have a training later this week, and I need to get my classroom set up. I have trainings almost every day next week, and then the week after, school starts. Wow, time really does fly.

I promised myself I would get more done this summer than last summer, but of course that didn’t happen. That might not be true now that I think about it. Last summer I hardly did anything at all around the house and I think this summer was better (if only slightly). One thing I vow not to do next summer is let my sleep schedule get messed up. It only takes one late night for me and then my sleep schedule is messed up for the rest of the summer.

In some ways, I hope the school year goes fast. Mostly because we’re planning a trip to Florida for next summer. I really hate to wish time away but I’m excited to go to Disney and actually get to spend time at the park. The only other time I went to Disney, I went with my high school’s marching band, and while I had fun, we didn’t spend more than half a day at any of the parks. We didn’t really get a chance to ride anything, and we skipped out on the water parks and Animal Kingdom entirely. Although we did go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. This time around, we have Disney passes for seven days and we plan to visit every park. We’re going to Islands of Adventure but I think we’re skipping out on Universal Studios. This may change, but I doubt it. It’s amazing how expensive tickets are. Needless to say, I’m excited. After all I am just a big child at heart. I’m probably going to drive my husband crazy for the next several months – not that it’s any different than any other day.

We’re also going to two music festivals in the upcoming months. In fact, most of my weekends are full up until the beginning of October. I’m hoping with all of this activity (plus work) I won’t have time to think about the fun things planned for next summer. I’m also hoping that in the down times, we’ll have the chance to work in our house – or maybe just move altogether, but that’s a different story for a different day, if it even happens.

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