Aug 022011

I figured I’d do a post dedicated to each of the cats, since I’m starting fresh and two of the three have never been properly introduced.

First off, we have Miss Delilah.

Delilah on her first night with us.

Delilah was born on August 22, 2007, and brought home in November 2007. She’s a short hair silver tabby. Delilah’s nicknames are Lilah and Lala. Delilah is a very smart cat, sometimes so smart it’s scary. Within five minutes of bringing her home, Delilah figured out how to bust out of the makeshift crate we had set up for her AND how to bust out of the door to the room. For the record, the door was an accordion-style door, and she busted in and out of that room several times a day until we were no longer in that room. Now we have a bedroom with a normal door, but Delilah does jump up and try to bat the doorknob open, and she does repeatedly pull at the bottom of the door and try to pop it open.

Delilah LOVES her food, and at almost four years old, weighs in at around 12 lbs. We’re trying to help her lose a little weight, but she is just all-around big. Lilah also loves to play fetch with just about any toy. She has a few special talents. Delilah can open cat treat containers (and other containers such as Pringles) with the pop-off lid. We have to watch where we store anything that has that sort of lid. She can also open bags of cat treats with the Ziploc-type seal. So all cat treats are either stored WAY out of reach, or in a cupboard (she can open cupboards and drawers too). Also, we believe Delilah was weaned too early, because she attempts to knead her own belly and suck on her own nipple. We’ve made much progress in that area – she used to attempt this almost constantly as a kitten and it was very hard to stop her. As an adult cat, she attempts it maybe a few times a month, and usually stops when she hears the word “no” or is threatened with the evil spray bottle.

A few years ago, Delilah became deathly ill (another kitten of ours developed distemper and passed away) and was only given a 50/50 chance of living. She overcame her illness and is now happy and healthy. Because of being ill, Delilah will always have runny eyes.

Delilah wants me to get rid of the flashy black box.

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