Aug 072012

I’ve been attempting to work on organizing rooms in the house. We’d like to start working on at least one room, so we’ll have a room worth of furniture to rearrange for at least a few weeks, if not permanently. The room we’re looking at first is our office, which is kind of a catch-all room for junk at this point. We aren’t up there that much, as it’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. There is no direct heat to that room, and I really want to change that. If we were to have kids, that is the room that would be a child’s room. It would be the easiest of the two spare rooms upstairs to work on (and get finished in a timely matter). There are two issues I think we’ll run into in that room – first of all, the floor slants (I don’t think they used any sort of level when this house was built), and second of all, there’s a closed-off fireplace. We don’t want to open the fireplaces up because it will cause our homeowner’s insurance to skyrocket. We’d like to just remove the mantle and the cement in front of the fireplace and be done with it. As with everything else in this house, probably easier said than done.

Anyway…I also ordered a small bookshelf for all of our cookbooks. If the cookbooks are actually in the kitchen, we’ll be much more likely to use them. We have an old-school TV, a full-sized mattress and box spring, a desk chair, and an old record player (it’s actually a full-sized console) to get out of this house. I also still have a ton of educational things that I can take to work with me. And shoes…oh my God, the shoes. We have SO many shoes. I maintain that Jack has more than me though (and I’m probably right). I think we’re just a case of too much stuff and not enough space. I have a ton of scrapbooking and other craft supplies. We both love movies, so we have two full bookshelves of movies in the living room. We have so many books, that I don’t even know where to start. Luckily, the Ikea bookshelves we’ve bought allow us to double up on rows of books – so for every shelf, we can actually have two rows of books. Otherwise, we’d be screwed.

That’s where we’re at right now. We got rid of our dining room table last year, and we were going to replace it, but I don’t think we are now. We still have a table in the kitchen.

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