Sep 022011

I completely skipped last week’s post, but in my defense, I was so busy preparing for the first week back at work that it completely slipped my mind.

One of the most interesting things has come about because of me being back at work, however. I’ve found a personal trainer. A very reasonably priced, very helpful, very passionate personal trainer. I’ve considered using a personal trainer before. Most of the trainers I could find were through the local YMCAs and not only was it expensive (most often $75 per half-hour session), but in order to get those expensive rates, you also had to pay for a YMCA membership. At the time, it was too much and out of the question. So, back to the story. A couple of my co-workers lost weight over the summer, and upon inquiring, I found out that another co-worker is also a licensed personal trainer. I was immediately interested, but figured the cost would be too much. I was wrong, it’s an awesome deal, and her goal is not to make money, but to help people get (and stay) in shape.

Tuesday night was my initial consult and weigh-in. I weighed in at 237 lbs (my scale said 234, but as of right now, I’m more inclined to believe hers is closer to actuality). I have all of my measurements written down, and I’ll weigh in and get measured every Tuesday. Because of this, my progress reports will probably change to Tuesday or Wednesday.

I knew this was something I wanted to do, and because the opportunity was there, I decided to go for it. The biggest part of the exercise portion is learning how to run correctly. I knew there was running involved, and I was terrified that I’d make a complete ass of myself (or worse, have an asthma attack, faint, or vomit…or some combination of those three). I got my schedule, and I was scheduled for my first run on Wednesday.

Wednesday after work, I started to get nervous. Running is one thing I have always loathed. Probably because in high school, I was always the last person (by a long shot) during the timed mile run in gym class. I was made fun of because of it. But I had no choice at this point, and I made myself go – water bottle in hand and inhaler in my pocket. And believe it or not, I made it the whole 45 minute session (not running the entire time, but brisk walking when I wasn’t running) without an asthma attack, fainting, or vomiting. I felt a little sore yesterday, and still a little sore today, so I know my next run (tomorrow morning) will probably be tough. But if I can make it through the first two weeks, I think I’ll be alright.

Now, the other portion is tracking what you eat, staying within certain calorie range, and staying away from certain ingredients. I’ve been trying to eat better for some time now, and I figured I’d be okay on that end. What I wasn’t prepared to find out was that I’ve been way UNDER the amount of calories I should have in a day. I added a few things to my meals today to try to increase my caloric intake in a healthy way, so I’m hoping it pays off. That could be one of the reasons why I’ve been struggling. So, I guess I’ll try to update tomorrow about how I did today and how my second run goes. I didn’t intend for this site to be solely about my weight loss, but it’s probably the most interesting thing going in on my life at the moment, so why not?