Aug 052011

Pocket is the newest addition to our family. She was born sometime in August 2010, according to her vet records, and we adopted her in February 2011. Pocket is a short hair dilute tortie.

Pocket finds a comfy spot on the bed on her first day home.

We were not Pocket’s first family. She had been with a family, but was abused by other animals (ferrets) in the house, and eventually came to be in the care of the shelter. I also think something may have happened with a bigger cat, because while Pocket is fine with Matilda, she is very apprehensive about Delilah. We’re working with her to get her adjusted, and while is is slow, we are making progress.

Pocket doesn’t meow often, but she will not hesitate to growl or hiss when something is annoying her. I’m going to assume that there is probably a warning on her vet record. At the last vet visit, I had them trim her claws (Pocket is very fidgety when it comes to claw trimming), and I heard her growl and fight the whole way across the vet office. She also growls when playing. Pocket may have learned some traits from the ferrets of her former family – when she gets overly excited, she arches up and hops sideways, much like an excited ferret.

At the current time, Pocket weighs approximately 6 lbs. If she is truly almost a year old, I don’t think she will get much bigger. She looks tiny in comparison to the other two cats but is very healthy. Pocket prefers small spaces and tends to get scared when she has free run of the whole house. Because of this, Pocket stays in our bedroom when we aren’t home, and she is left out when we are home to supervise and help her. We have a cage set up in our living room for her (we leave the cage door open), and that seems to be her safe point. Whenever Pocket gets scared, she darts back into the cage.

I realize by this entry that it probably sounds like Pocket is not happy in our house, but that is not true. She is very happy, happiest when full attention is on her. Pocket purrs like mad when Jack and I walk into the room, and loves to be petted and scratched. Matilda and Pocket can be seen playing and chasing each other from time to time. Pocket avoids Delilah but is getting better with time.

Pocket and Delilah give each other nose kisses.

Aug 052011

Baby Matilda shoots an innocent look from the window.

Matilda is the middle “child.” She was born around April 2, 2009, and was adopted in August 2009, and is a short hair tortie. According to Matilda’s vet records, she and her littermates were found in a drain pipe. Matilda’s nicknames are Tilda, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Tilda Beast. Tilt-a-Whirl comes from how she used to endlessly chase her tail when she was a kitten, reminding me of the popular amusement park ride. Tilda Beast comes from her ability to sound like a thousand cats tearing through the house. Matilda (surprisingly) only weighs in around 8 lbs.

Tilda is the biggest lovebug of our cats, and she loves to cuddle. What she forgets is that she is no longer a tiny kitten. Matilda has always loved to sit and sleep on my shoulder. When she sleeps on my shoulder, her hind legs come over halfway down my chest, and I usually have to hold her so she doesn’t fall off. She purrs constantly when held, and she doesn’t mind being hugged. Matilda has love for sparkle balls and her Star Chaser. She will fight her sisters for treats, although it doesn’t show in her physique – Matilda never got past the long and lanky stage. Oh, and Matilda will gladly stand on her hind legs and put her front paws on your legs when you are eating in the hopes that you might find her adorable and give her table scraps. (That only happens in the instance that we are eating unseasoned meat – or bacon. She’s been known to steal bacon.)

Matilda is very passive-aggressive with Delilah. If Matilda wants the spot in which Delilah is laying, Matilda simply cleans Delilah until Delilah becomes annoyed and leaves. That doesn’t always work; sometimes Delilah will give Matilda a smack or two. Matilda doesn’t meow, she squeaks – almost constantly when she wants something.

The picture of sisterly love.